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Divorce and Premarital Agreements

In North Carolina, research has shown that, out of every 1,000 people over the age of 15, 9.32-10.97 percent are divorced. This means that roughly 10% of our state’s population is currently divorced. Of those 10%, many Guilford County residents seek out the advice and counsel of an experienced divorce attorney to make sure that their rights are competently represented. A divorce is a major life event and the issues that come along with it, such as the division of property, are best dealt with having an experienced attorney at your side. A premarital agreement is likely your best friend for the divorce.

Divorce is fairly common throughout the United States, although the divorce rate has actually declined over the past several years. Therefore, divorce is a very active practice area for family law and divorce attorneys. The economic, emotional, and mental consequences of a divorce can be difficult to deal with. It is important to have an attorney who can take a step back and make recommendations as to what is in your best interests. Having a fresh perspective from an outsider can be extremely useful in handling such a personal matter.

An additional area of practice considered to go hand in hand with divorce is that of premarital agreements. These are agreements between people who are considering marriage, but have not yet married. These agreements can deal with property division, alimony, and estate rights in the event of the death of a spouse. Essentially, these types of agreements allow parties who are considering marriage to determine what will happen in the event that they later divorce. This means that these important matters are not left up to the court to decide and are no longer open to negotiation once either party files for divorce. Instead, the two parties have already decided the major issues that come along with a divorce.

Given the broad nature of premarital agreements and the serious matters that they can be used to deal with, including the division of property and alimony, it is important to have an experienced family law and divorce attorney to assist you through this process. In fact, for a premarital agreement, each party should have their own independent attorney analyze the terms of the agreement to make sure that their interests are represented.

There are many other issues that are considered "divorce" matters. See the Practice Areas page for more information. Generally speaking, we handle a wide variety of family legal issues that fall under the umbrella of divorce and premarital agreements, including absolute divorce, name change, divorce from bed and board, domestic violence, pre-marital agreements, post-nuptial agreements, separation agreements, temporary relief, and second opinions. To learn more about any of these areas, select the appropriate link below for more information.

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