Child Support in COVID-19 Times

For North Carolina Parents Operating under a North Carolina Child Support Order Filing your Motion Quickly is Urgent for Retroactive Relief!

By Carolyn Woodruff

Are you a custodial parent in North Carolina who has lost your job because of COVID 19 and need more child support?

Are you a parent paying child support in North Carolina who has lost your job because of COVID 19 and a parent who needs a reduction in child support?

If you fit in either of the above categories, you need to seek reputable advice regarding your situation. Woodruff Family Law Group is here to help you!

How many years you have been under the child support order may be important, so have your child support order in hand when you call Woodruff Family Law Group. If you don’t have it, we can get the child support order, so do not worry.

  1. If your existing child support order is at least three years old, and there is a difference of fifteen percent (15%) or greater between the old amount and the new amount, you qualify for a new order. You have an automatic substantial change of circumstances.
  2. If your existing child support order is not three years old, your attorney will be petitioning the Court under North Carolina General Statutes Section 50-13.7, which states upon filing a Motion filed with the Court and a showing of changed circumstances by either party, the Court can modify or vacate a Child Support Order.

Past due child support is vested. You cannot get relief EVER for any child support that vests BEFORE YOU FILE YOUR MOTION FOR CHANGE IN CIRCUMSTANCES. Act now if you need help.

A word on what to do while your Motion is pending with the Court:

The courts are currently closed to hearings. (Your attorney can still file your Motion, however, which protects you on the retroactivity.) You can expect delay in getting your case heard. You are obligated to follow a court order until it is modified. However, if you cannot pay, because of impossibility, you have a defense to contempt.

Acting now protects your legal rights and interests! Woodruff Family Law Group has a unique program for COVID 19 child support problems. We are working to handle all your needs remotely. Call us now at 336.272.9122 and follow the prompts for initial consults.