Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

In 2013, Captain Green Eyes Dance Troupe was founded by Woodruff Family Law Group's owner and Family Law Specialist, Carolyn J. Woodruff and her husband, Dwight Ensley. Along with The Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Greensboro, Woodruff Family Law Group sponsors a free summer dance program for members of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club in Greensboro, North Carolina. These members become the Captain Green Eyes Dance Troupe. The dance program consists of professional dance instruction, dance costumes, healthy lifestyle tips, appearances on local TV and more!

Captain Green Eyes is a fictional character created from a real-life stuffed cat that was given to Ensley when he was born. Although many years have passed and today's modern family looks very different from days gone by, together, Woodruff and Ensley hope to use Captain Green Eyes in various ways to help all children accept and love their family units no matter what form.

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