The Big Hair Ball 2022

An Epicurean Style

Raising funds for Family Service of the Piedmont has never been more critical, and the Big Hair Ball 2022, which was held on April 2 at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex, was a most successful event. From start to finish, the evening dazzled with interesting and over-the-top fashion designs, makeup by top artists in the Piedmont Triad, and of course, the BIG hair designs.

This year's theme was "An Epicurean Style," which inspired the designs. The Guild and the Junior Guild of Family Service of the Piedmont (FSP) hosted the annual event, which has raised over $1.5 million since it started ten years ago. The money raised benefits the Greensboro programs of FSP. All models in the show were high school students who had worked for several years as volunteers with the Junior Guild to qualify for the honor of being a Big Hair Ball model.

The Big Hair Ball is a vital way Woodruff Family Law Group gives back to the community at the haute couture sponsorship level. This year, the team members at Woodruff and, headed by the late Dwight A. Ensley, beloved husband of Carolyn Woodruff, chose three design selections for the Woodruff Team.

Our Beluga Caviar design dazzled with a faux caviar train and a stunning headpiece. Designer Kasey Condon created the dress, the hair was designed by Olivia Burkart, and the makeup by artist Sheena White. Elizabeth Comer modeled this design and was the first model to walk the runway for the Big Hair Ball.

Next up was the Charcuterie Board design, which featured gorgeous hand-painted fabric by dress designer Maddie Shue. The Charcuterie Board concept was reflected in the fabulous headpiece by hair designer Olivia Burkart and modeled by Sarah Edmonds. Artist Sheena White provided makeup.

Finally, all eyes were on Baklava model Catie Oakley as she hit the runway in a dazzling gown created by designer Stephanie Tastet. The dress reflected the beautiful gold shimmering fabric that truly lit up the evening. For the headpiece, hair designer Olivia Burkart created a large slice of artistic baklava to 'cap' the theme. The gold makeup by artist Sheena White reflected the baklava design.

As Catie made her last turn on the runway, the exquisite train was flipped, and there was a collective gasp in the audience. The train, by designer Stephanie Tastet, featured a tribute that included the words, "In loving memory of Dwight A. Ensley," along with a beautiful image of Dwight. There were tears in the eyes of many attendees as the design showcased the dedication and service of this great man in such a special way. Dwight was an integral part of the Big Hair Ball since its inception. He passed away on March 5, shortly before the event on April 2, 2022.

We would like to recognize the dedication of the staff at WFLG who served on the team. From design concept to the runway, this team excelled. Design inspirations were as follows:

  • The Beluga Caviar design was inspired by Carolyn and Dwight's travels to Russia and their love of ballroom dancing.
  • The Charcuterie Board design was inspired by Firm Business Manager Stephanie Griffin.

Judi Rossabi, Communications Director, served as team coordinator for the designers, models, and assistants.

Several staff members also took time out of their busy day to conduct video interviews of the models and designers. Claire Talbert interviewed hair designers onsite at Salon 440. In an exciting look behind the scenes, Laurel Harmon interviewed all three models using Zoom technology. Stephanie Griffin went to Fiber Space to interview makeup artist and Fiber Space business owner Sheena White. Special thank you to video editor John Davis.

The thank-you reception for Team Woodruff was held on May 12, 2022, at Fiber Space. Specially designed Big Hair Ball trophies were presented to Carolyn Woodruff, CEO, Woodruff Family Law Group; Indira Lindsay Roberts, Executive Director of the Big Hair Ball; Designer Stephanie Tastet; Designer Kasey Condon, Makeup Artist Sheena White; and Hair Designers Olivia Burkart and her assistant Taylor. The food for the reception featured a charcuterie board, along with baklava for dessert!

Event photography onsite at the Coliseum Complex for the Big Hair Ball was by Laurel Harmon in coordination with Laura Ashley Photography.

Family Service of the Piedmont is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves more than 19,000 local children and adults each year, addressing issues of domestic violence, child abuse, mental health, and financial stability.

Note: The Big Hair Ball, originally scheduled for December 2021, was postponed to April 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.