Local Family Law Specialist Carolyn J. Woodruff Receives Two Top NCACPA Awards

Greensboro, NC - The North Carolina Association of CPAs or NCACPA has announced Carolyn J. Woodruff received the 2013 R. Donald Farmer Award and the 5.0 Discussion Leader Award. Woodruff was recognized at NCACPA's Annual Business Meeting and Recognition Dinner on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at the Grandover Resort & Conference Center in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The R. Donald Farmer Award is presented to the NCACPA speaker who is from North Carolina and receives the highest combined average score on knowledge, skill, and materials for all courses taught in a technical area. According to the NCACPA, roughly 150 North Carolina speakers were eligible for the 2013 R. Donald Farmer Award. The NCACPA awards the 5.0 Discussion Leader Award to discussion leaders who have taught for seminars and/or conferences, receiving a perfect 5.0 rating on both presenter knowledge and skill from participant evaluations. Of the more than 100 speakers and discussion leaders, Woodruff is the only woman along with twelve men receiving this award for their 2013-2014 service.

"NCACPA is fortunate to have someone like Carolyn providing continuing education to our members. Looking back at the number of awards she's received, it speaks to her commitment and the exceptional quality she brings to every presentation. CPAs have high expectations, and for her to not only meet, but continually exceed those expectations, is quite remarkable," says NCACPA Special Events Planner, Jackie Asekhauno.

Since 2002, the NCACPA has presented the following awards to Ms. Woodruff:

  • 2002 Outstanding Discussion Leader Award
  • 2004 Outstanding Discussion Leader
  • 2005 Outstanding Discussion Leader
  • 2007 Outstanding Seminar Discussion Leader
  • 2008 Outstanding Seminar Discussion Leader
  • 2008 R. Donald Farmer Award
  • 2008 5.0 Discussion Leader
  • 2009 Outstanding Seminar Discussion Leader
  • 2010 Outstanding Conference Discussion Leader
  • 2011 Outstanding Seminar Discussion Leader
  • 2012 5.0 Discussion Leader Award
  • 2013 5.0 Discussion Leader Award
  • 2013 R. Donald Farmer Award

"The R. Donald Farmer Award stipulates that the award cannot be given to the same person two consecutive years, but may be awarded to the same speaker more than once. It's not common for the same speaker to receive it more than once, although it has happened before and now in 2013 as well," says Asekhauno.

The NCACPA considers the 5.0 Discussion Award 'prestigious' for NCACPA speakers. According to the organization, the recipient must obtain a perfect 5.0 score on each attendee's evaluation of both the presenter's knowledge of the subject matter and their presentation skill. NCACPA event attendees are said to have appropriately high expectations of their discussion leaders.

"What an honor to have so many of my peers and colleagues consider what I am presenting as useful and informative in their own lives. I honestly get a lot of enjoyment taking important facts, whether old or new and presenting them in a variety of creative methods that pushes attendees to think in a completely new way. The greatest of discussions happen every time," says Woodruff.

NCACPA released the following evaluation comment as an example of the type of feedback Woodruff received in the 2013-2014 award period: "Carolyn is an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable of the material. Her overview at the beginning of the class was spot on. I enjoyed the discussions she prompted with her outline of the material. Again, her class is on my annual continuing education list. Great job, Carolyn!"

For more than 20 years, Woodruff has practiced law as a Board Certified North Carolina Family Law Specialist. Additionally, she holds a C.P.A. and business valuation credentials. Owner of Woodruff Family Law Group, based in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, Woodruff has five additional associate attorneys, four North Carolina Certified Paralegals and an array of esteemed legal assistants. Additionally, she competes as a Pro-Am Open Smooth Ballroom Dancer all across the country and enjoys piloting her own plane as well. Currently, she can be seen on TLC's reality TV program, "Ballroom Blitz" airing in Europe.

Through care, integrity, and honesty, we at Woodruff Family Law Group, based in Greensboro, North Carolina are committed to you, our clients in the State of North Carolina by providing creative and impactful solutions. Our focus will always be achieving your most important goals and objectives, from your initial consultation and throughout every step we take together on behalf of you and every member of your family who is important to your case. For more information, visit our website at www.woodrufflawfirm.com or call us at (336) 272-9122. We are located at 420 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC, 27401.